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Life on the Mississippi

Life on the Mississippi is a memoir by Mark Twain detailing his days as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War. (Summary from Wikipedia)
Genre(s): Nature, Modern (19th C)
Language: English
Play0101- The River and its HistoryJohn Greenman00:15:10
Play0202-The River and Its ExplorersJohn Greenman00:12:32
Play0303-Frescoes From the PastJohn Greenman00:31:54
Play0404-The Boys' AmbitionJohn Greenman00:10:04
Play0505-I Want to be a Cub-pilotJohn Greenman00:09:21
Play0606-A Cub-pilot's ExperienceJohn Greenman00:15:12
Play0707-A Daring DeedJohn Greenman00:13:28
Play0808-Perplexing LessonsJohn Greenman00:13:19
Play0909-Continued PerplexitiesJohn Greenman00:13:52
Play1010-Completing My EducationJohn Greenman00:12:26
Play1111-The River RisesJohn Greenman00:14:51
Play1212-SoundingJohn Greenman00:13:11
Play1313-A Pilot's NeedsJohn Greenman00:17:54
Play1414-Rank and Dignity of PilotingJohn Greenman00:14:19
Play1515-The Pilots' MonopolyJohn Greenman00:24:39
Play1616-Racing DaysJohn Greenman00:11:59
Play1717-Cut-offs and StephenJohn Greenman00:16:31
Play1818-I Take a Few Extra LessonsJohn Greenman00:11:56
Play1919-Brown and I Exchange ComplimentsJohn Greenman00:08:00
Play2020-A CatastopheJohn Greenman00:12:03
Play2121-A Section in My BiographyJohn Greenman00:01:43
Play2222-I Return to My MuttonsJohn Greenman00:17:46
Play2323-Traveling IncognitoJohn Greenman00:06:44
Play2424-My Incognito is ExplodedJohn Greenman00:11:55
Play2525-From Cairo to HickmanJohn Greenman00:12:40
Play2626-Under FireJohn Greenman00:14:17
Play2727-Some Imported ArticlesJohn Greenman00:11:45
Play2828-Uncle Mumford UnloadsJohn Greenman00:18:25
Play2929-A Few Specimen BricksJohn Greenman00:20:31
Play3030-Sketches by the WayJohn Greenman00:17:42
Play3131-A Thumb-print and What Came of ItJohn Greenman00:32:17
Play3232-The Disposal of a BonanzaJohn Greenman00:08:50
Play3333-Refreshments and EthicsJohn Greenman00:10:29
Play3434-Tough YarnsJohn Greenman00:04:16
Play3535-Vicksburg During the TroubleJohn Greenman00:17:34
Play3636-The Professor's YarnJohn Greenman00:13:58
Play3737-The End of the 'Gold Dust'John Greenman00:02:10
Play3838-The House BeautifulJohn Greenman00:14:12
Play3939-Manufactures and MiscreantsJohn Greenman00:12:44
Play4040-Castles and CultureJohn Greenman00:12:50
Play4141-The Metropolis of the SouthJohn Greenman00:09:06
Play4242-Hygiene and SentimentJohn Greenman00:08:46
Play4343-The Art of InhumationJohn Greenman00:08:22
Play4444-City SightsJohn Greenman00:15:02
Play4545-Southern SportsJohn Greenman00:17:45
Play4646-Enchantments and EnchantersJohn Greenman00:09:31
Play4747-Uncle Remus and Mr. CableJohn Greenman00:05:11
Play4848-Sugar and PostageJohn Greenman00:14:17
Play4949-Episodes in Pilot LifeJohn Greenman00:12:11
Play5050-The 'Original Jacobs'John Greenman00:11:45
Play5151-ReminiscencesJohn Greenman00:14:52
Play5252-A Burning BrandJohn Greenman00:25:39
Play5353-My Boyhood's HomeJohn Greenman00:10:51
Play5454-Past and PresentJohn Greenman00:17:06
Play5555-A Vendetta and Other ThingsJohn Greenman00:13:09
Play5656-A Question of LawJohn Greenman00:11:11
Play5757-An ArchangelJohn Greenman00:13:35
Play5858-On the Upper RiverJohn Greenman00:13:56
Play5959-Legends and SceneryJohn Greenman00:15:34
Play6060-Speculations and ConclusionsJohn Greenman00:16:35
Play61Appendix AJohn Greenman00:23:35
Play62Appendix BJohn Greenman00:08:59
Play63Appendix CJohn Greenman00:09:01
Play64Appendix DJohn Greenman00:31:52

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