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Roughing It

Roughing It is semi-autobiographical travel literature written by American humorist Mark Twain. It was authored during 1870–71 and published in 1872 as a sequel to his first book Innocents Abroad. This book tells of Twain's adventures prior to his pleasure cruise related in Innocents Abroad.(Wikipedia)
Genre(s): Travel & Geography, Memoirs
Language: English
Play01Chap 1John Greenman00:06:18
Play02Chap 2John Greenman00:10:04
Play03Chap 3John Greenman00:14:38
Play04Chap 4John Greenman00:19:54
Play05Chap 5John Greenman00:09:29
Play06Chap 6John Greenman00:10:34
Play07Chap 7John Greenman00:14:20
Play08Chap 8John Greenman00:08:24
Play09Chap 9John Greenman00:09:50
Play10Chap 10John Greenman00:15:35
Play11Chap 11John Greenman00:16:43
Play12Chap 12John Greenman00:19:40
Play13Chap 13John Greenman00:08:45
Play14Chap 14John Greenman00:06:26
Play15Chap 15John Greenman00:13:03
Play16Chap 16John Greenman00:20:04
Play17Chap 17John Greenman00:09:00
Play18Chap 18John Greenman00:07:43
Play19Chap 19John Greenman00:07:18
Play20Chap 20John Greenman00:12:37
Play21Chap 21John Greenman00:17:01
Play22Chap 22John Greenman00:08:59
Play23Chap 23John Greenman00:10:14
Play24Chap 24John Greenman00:11:05
Play25Chap 25John Greenman00:11:36
Play26Chap 26John Greenman00:11:04
Play27Chap 27John Greenman00:08:18
Play28Chap 28John Greenman00:09:46
Play29Chap 29John Greenman00:08:48
Play30Chap 30John Greenman00:09:17
Play31Chap 31John Greenman00:16:21
Play32Chap 32John Greenman00:09:22
Play33Chap 33John Greenman00:05:12
Play34Chap 34John Greenman00:11:26
Play35Chap 35John Greenman00:06:24
Play36Chap 36John Greenman00:11:23
Play37Chap 37John Greenman00:11:16
Play38Chap 38John Greenman00:08:14
Play39Chap 39John Greenman00:10:57
Play40Chap 40John Greenman00:12:48
Play41Chap 41John Greenman00:12:23
Play42Chap 42John Greenman00:11:10
Play43Chap 43John Greenman00:12:14
Play44Chap 44John Greenman00:12:18
Play45Chap 45John Greenman00:12:06
Play46Chap 46John Greenman00:14:37
Play47Chap 47John Greenman00:17:37
Play48Chap 48John Greenman00:13:34
Play49Chap 49John Greenman00:12:10
Play50Chap 50John Greenman00:11:38
Play51Chap 51John Greenman00:21:19
Play52Chap 52John Greenman00:16:41
Play53Chap 53John Greenman00:11:43
Play54Chap 54John Greenman00:13:42
Play55Chap 55John Greenman00:17:45
Play56Chap 56John Greenman00:11:46
Play57Chap 57John Greenman00:08:31
Play58Chap 58John Greenman00:14:52
Play59Chap 59John Greenman00:12:36
Play60Chap 60John Greenman00:08:24
Play61Chap 61John Greenman00:10:28
Play62Chap 62John Greenman00:20:40
Play63Chap 63John Greenman00:08:55
Play64Chap 64John Greenman00:12:34
Play65Chap 65John Greenman00:13:38
Play66Chap 66John Greenman00:12:39
Play67Chap 67John Greenman00:17:20
Play68Chap 68John Greenman00:19:54
Play69Chap 69John Greenman00:10:37
Play70Chap 70John Greenman00:15:17
Play71Chap 71John Greenman00:09:07
Play72Chap 72John Greenman00:10:59
Play73Chap 73John Greenman00:13:20
Play74Chap 74John Greenman00:11:02
Play75Chap 75John Greenman00:08:04
Play76Chap 76John Greenman00:13:33
Play77Chap 77John Greenman00:10:31
Play78Chap 78John Greenman00:10:05
Play79Chap 79John Greenman00:10:56
Play80Appendix AJohn Greenman00:11:48
Play81Appendix BJohn Greenman00:09:45
Play82Appendix CJohn Greenman00:38:06

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