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The Innocents Abroad

Writer/entertainer Garrison Keillor (A Prairie Home Companion) on “The Innocents Abroad”: “…one of the best selling travel books of all time.” (The Writer’s Almanac, June 8, 2012)

When you dive into Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemens’) The Innocents Abroad, you have to be ready to learn more about the unadorned, ungilded reality of 19th century “touring” than you might think you want to learn. This is a tough, literary journey. It was tough for Twain and his fellow “pilgrims”, both religious and otherwise. They set out, on a June day in 1867, to visit major tourist sites in Europe and the near east, including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, “the Holy Land”, and Egypt. What Twain records, in often humorous, sometimes grotesque but always fascinating detail, are the day-to-day ups and downs of discovering the truth about people and places. The truths they learn are often far different than their education and rumor have made them preconceive. 

This is a voyage of discovery. It’s long and, in places, tiresome. But it’s revelatory about so much. As with some of his other works, Twain includes popular prejudices of his time, which are today considered socially unacceptable. His references to “Indians”, “Negroes” and “infidels” come to mind. 

Beyond the lows, though, there are the highs of Twain’s cutting wit and insight as he guides us along the bumpy and often dangerous voyage. 

No need to buckle up. Just take it slow, and steady…like the journey itself. (Summary by John Greenman)
Genre(s): Travel Fiction
Language: English
Play01Chapter 1John Greenman00:18:22
Play02Chapters 2-3John Greenman00:17:02
Play03Chapters 4-5John Greenman00:29:53
Play04Chapters 6-7John Greenman00:38:52
Play05Chapters 8-9John Greenman00:24:27
Play06Chapters 10-11John Greenman00:26:34
Play07Chapters 12-13John Greenman00:43:07
Play08Chapters 14-15John Greenman00:40:28
Play09Chapters 16-17John Greenman00:30:52
Play10Chapters 18-19John Greenman00:47:14
Play11Chapters 20-21John Greenman00:30:26
Play12Chapter 22John Greenman00:22:21
Play13Chapter 23John Greenman00:27:20
Play14Chapter 24John Greenman00:19:48
Play15Chapter 25John Greenman00:19:47
Play16Chapter 26John Greenman00:39:05
Play17Chapter 27John Greenman00:25:40
Play18Chapter 28John Greenman00:19:02
Play19Chapters 29-30John Greenman00:32:30
Play20Chapter 31John Greenman00:18:42
Play21Chapter 32John Greenman00:29:20
Play22Chapter 33John Greenman00:23:26
Play23Chapter 34John Greenman00:27:22
Play24Chapter 35John Greenman00:11:16
Play25Chapter 36-37John Greenman00:31:05
Play26Chapter 38John Greenman00:17:43
Play27Chapter 39John Greenman00:10:04
Play28Chapter 40John Greenman00:20:17
Play29Chapter 41John Greenman00:14:31
Play30Chapter 42John Greenman00:12:28
Play31Chapter 43John Greenman00:13:30
Play32Chapter 44John Greenman00:23:27
Play33Chapter 45John Greenman00:26:31
Play34Chapter 46John Greenman00:18:29
Play35Chapter 47John Greenman00:28:04
Play36Chapter 48John Greenman00:23:09
Play37Chapter 49John Greenman00:21:35
Play38Chapter 50John Greenman00:21:45
Play39Chapter 51John Greenman00:28:19
Play40Chapter 52John Greenman00:13:35
Play41Chapter 53John Greenman00:32:22
Play42Chapter 54John Greenman00:23:43
Play43Chapter 55John Greenman00:36:34
Play44Chapter 56John Greenman00:09:53
Play45Chapter 57John Greenman00:17:24
Play46Chapter 58John Greenman00:31:52
Play47Chapters 59-60John Greenman00:14:03
Play48Chapter 61 & ConclusionJohn Greenman00:22:59

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